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Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux is a product designer and graphist with 14 years of work experience both in France and in the US. He has mainly dedicated himself to watch design since 2007. Passionate about watchmaking, he had the opportunity to work on numerous projects from entry-level to high end timepieces.

French iconic men's watch revisited


This project was inspired by the House of Dior and meant to be an elegant addition to its timepiece collection. This creation is based on a reversed calibre: its frontal oscillating weight browse through a black enamelled dial with light blue reflections.


GALBE Chiffre Bleu © Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux

The eccentric round shape of the case protects its crown offset between 3 and 4 o'clock and a blue line is imbedded on the side of the case from horn to horn. These two features strengthen the spirit of this timepiece.

GALBE Chiffre Bleu OJ Vignette - 500X667px.jpg
GALBE Chiffre Bleu Rose Gold © Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux 2017

Time concealed in a jewel

Slightly turn this revolving pebble case to reveal the time.

Mystère © Pierre-Aymeric LEDOUX 2017

Six gold slats progressively slide inside the case and expose an hour and a minute hands.



A trion cut sapphire embedded inside the glass is surrounded by the six slats when time is hidden. Then after the rotation of the case, time is discreetly indicated by two discs: the hours by a triangle and the minutes by a dark line on the peripheral disc.


Tourbillon watch dial decoration


This dial creation depicts a peafowl in its flamboyant courtship ritual.

Cadran Paon 01 © Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux 2012
Cadran Paon 02 © Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux 2012

" There is more to life than increasing its speed " Gandhi


This watch gives you the power to free yourself from the passage of time and live in the moment

Heure Cachée 1 ©Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux

You can decide to tell the time or to conceal it with just a gentle touch

Heure Cachée 3 ©Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux

It enables its owner to tell the time through the line of sight at 6 o'clock. A rotating disk displays the flow of timewith Roman markers for hours and simple markers for each ten minutes.

Heure Cachée 2 ©Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux

A singular design to create brand awareness


GEONAUTE suffered from little notoriety among DECATHLON's brand portfolio. Its management decided to launch a singular watch that would help to create brand awareness.


Geonaute SK300 Roughs

To give a sporty and urban style to this analog watch, the first drafts were focused on a case embedded with a complete rubber strap as displayed on the two left drawing above.

From there he came up with the idea of both an asymmetrical case and strap with a flush glass as displayed above on the right.



This radical and sporty design with sharp lines was the one chosen and developed. Here are presented dials and straps variations research.



Final design validated by Geonaute management

Geonaute SK300 Copper Case Sample.jpg

First case sample 

Geonaute SK 300 - 1
Geonaute Face Petite Vignette 500X667px 2.jpg
Geonaute SK300 - 3

GEONAUTE SK300 watch produced and sold during 3 years in DECATHLON stores

" You never get a second chance to make a first impression " A.Grant


Your client will first see your logo. To be a powerful asset, your logo must be different and recognizable while representing your activities or your brand spirit.








Wishing you a happy new year through a circular calendar

Greeting cards that last the whole year along with your wishes displayed in the center. Each side displays a trimester.


Greetings 2014 © Pierre-Aymeric LEDOUX 2017